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Temping ::

OK so if you are looking for a new job, waiting to start your new job, or simply need a bit of quick cash, then Temping is a good option.  

Your first step is to register with Recruitment Agencies. Recruitment Agencies are obviously local to your area. The best way to find them is through our search engine below or through the good old Yellow Pages.

Once you have contacted the Agencies you will have to go in and Register. Dress smartly as their impression of you is passed on to the Companies and will be considered when you are offered positions. The Agency will require a copy of your CV. They may get you to carry out an aptitude test to assess your computer Skills, but do not worry this is only a guideline test.

It is a good idea to apply to as many Agencies as you can. Some Companies only apply to certain Agencies so the more agencies you apply to the more Companies you are open to. Don't forget that the Agencies make their money out of your job so make sure it is something you are happy with, and you are getting paid the right amount. The Company where you will actually spend the day will pay your Recruitment agency an hourly rate; your Agency will then in turn pay you an hourly rate, which can be far less than what they are paid.  So in short you are actually an employee of the Recruitment Agency.

IMPORTANT: Having registered you will soon be offered jobs to suit your needs, and abilities. But remember Temping is a TEMPORARY position. You should not get too settled in the job. Once you have started the work the recruitment Agencies have their source of income, and they will happily just let you carry on working and earning them easy money. Keep looking for a permanent career job. If you do like your temping job then why not ask the company where you're working to take you on Full Time. It will not only give you more security but will also cut out the middle man and perhaps earn you more money!


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