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It is definitely the fashion nowadays to have your own Website. Well getting one may be a lot easier than you think. Here are the three easy steps to getting in on the act.

1. Think of idea for your site: Whether it be on-line Ping-Pong or listening to music you should first have an idea what your Website. will be about. This could be the most difficult bit as new ideas are quickly running out. However, don't worry If you really can't think of anything quite yet just make up a name. Ideally something wacky and fun is a good start.

2. Register Your name: The next step is to register your Domain name. A Website. has been established to provide information on the many Internet domain name registration services . Here you can find listings of all recognized Registrars. Under any of these companies you will be able to register your domain name under any of the many titles,  .com,, .net, etc.

 3. Build your site and get it on the Web: Using a Web site building software such as Microsoft's FrontPage or Dreamweaver develop your Site into a professional looking site.

It's that simple!  


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