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Playing sport should keep you fit and healthy but it can also be bad for your health. Whatever your favourite sport, it is all too easy to lose sight of the risks involved. Yet the consequences ofsomething going wrong can be very severe for you and your family.

An estimated 29 million sports injuries occur each year resulting in approximately 11 million lost working days.

A serious accident could leave youdisabled and unable to work yet household bills would still need to be paid and you might need expensive medical treatment.No matter what your sport, insurance can provide financial protection for you and your family should the worst happen.


Playing most sports involves three main risks:

  • Accident and Injury - even minor sprains and knocks can mean time off work and possibly expensive medical treatment, such as physiotherapy. A serious accident could leave you disabled and unable to work,resulting in a reduced income and a lower standard of living for you and your family.

  • Injuring Another Person or Damaging Their Property - injuring another person could prove very expensive. If you are negligent and injure a colleague,competitor or bystander or damage their property, you could be sued and end up with a large bill for damages.

  • Loss or Theft of Sports Equipment -sports equipment such as golf clubs or skiis can be costly to replace if damaged,lost or stolen.

Cover for sports activities can be provided in a number of ways. Individual policies are available, tailor-made to the requirements of individual sports; somecover may be available under homecontents insurance, while personal accident and permanent health insurance policies can provide a cash lump sum and a regular income following injury and long-term disability.

Clubs and teams can also arrange insurance to cover injury to their members and damage to their property such as the clubhouse.

Individual Policies

Individual policies are available to covermost sports. You may be able to choose the level of benefits you require, depending on your requirements.

Typical benefits include:

  • a lump sum and/or regular income if a sports-related injury prevents you from working;
  • hospital benefit, providing a daily cash benefit when admitted as an inpatient for hospital treatment;
  • accidental death benefit, a lump sum payable in the event of your death;
  • specialist medical fees, including the cost of physiotherapy and dental treatment if necessary;
  • personal liability, covers your legal liability for injury to another person, or damage to their property caused by your sporting activities.

Some policies may provide access to a 24-hour medical helpline and can extend all benefits, except personal liability, if you attend any paying spectator sports events.

Home Contents Insurance

A household contents policy will usually include public liability cover if you are held legally liable for injury to another person ordamage to their property arising from your sporting activities. Loss or damage to sports equipment in your home may also be covered, although you should check the policy as there is likely to be a single item limit and some sports equipment might be excluded.

All-risks cover will cover loss or damage outside of your home but, again, the policy should be checked as there will usually be a single item limit and items over a particular value may have to be individually specified.

Personal Accident and Permanent Health Insurance

A personal accident policy can provide a cash lump sum on your death or permanent total disablement, or a weekly income if temporarily disabled.

Permanent Health Insurance pays a regular income if you become ill or suffer an accident which prevents you from working. Payments can continue until you return to work or retire.

Policies for Clubs and Teams

Group policies can cover all members of a club or team for benefits similar to those under an individual policy. Cover will apply while playing, practising or travelling to or from the sports activity, or while taking part in or preparing organised activities for the club.

A commercial package policy can be arranged to cover damage to buildings such as a clubhouse, loss of clothing such as kit and sports equipment.


First, check to see if you are already covered by any of your own policies. If in a club or team, check to see if cover has been taken out for members. Contact the appropriate national sports association or federation as they may have negotiated their own insurance arrangements for clubs and individuals. If you are looking to arrange an individual policy, contact an insurance broker or other intermediary who will be able to arrange insurance to suit your requirements.


Do not let playing sport damage your health. Follow these tips:

  • Do not over-exert yourself - know your limits and stick to them.
  • Never play any sport if you are tired or ill.
  • Use safety accessories and equipment. Be aware of, and follow, any safety precautions. If necessary, make sure you are adequately supervised.
  • Ensure you have access to first-aid facilities. It is also a good idea to have some basic first-aid training.
  • If instructing or teaching, check with the relevant professional body to see what insurance cover is advisable or required.
  • Take care of sports equipment. Wherever possible do not leave equipment unattended, for example, in a vehicle.


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